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Window Repair for Your Wisconsin Property


Your windows are not only an important structural element to your home, but they’re also a visual one. Your windows are one of the more delicate assets to your Wisconsin home and are subject to damage from harsh weather, worn out parts, or potentially a stray baseball. The window repair technicians at Krumm Exteriors will repair any of your damaged windows so you can continue with energy efficiency and security.


Signs You Need Window Repair

Ideally, your windows should last up to 15 years, not that you won’t have issues during that time. When you do have problems, you’ll need to call a window repair expert. But how do you know when you need repair:

  • Water in your home – If you have water entering your home near a window, then you most likely need window repair. If water is left sitting around your damaged window, it can cause mold issues, which is a health hazard. When our team is checking for leakage, we’ll also check the siding around the leaking window in case you need siding repair also.
  • Windows are difficult to open – If your windows are hard to open, then they may have become warped. Unfortunately, this can cause gaps and cracks to form around your windows, which means you may be losing heat through the gaps. Our window repair team can take a look at your windows and get them fixed, saving you money in utility bills.
  • Increasing utility bills – Your windows are made to keep your home insulated while being able to enjoy the view outside. If you feel drafts coming from one or more windows, then it’s time to call a window repair professional to come and make sure your windows are adequately sealed.

Call your local Wisconsin window repair team for the area’s top-rated window repair today!

* Please note that we charge a small service / diagnostic fee of $79 at the time of scheduling the appointment.

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