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Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors see when arriving. When the home is well-maintained and attractive, the property is more inviting. At the same time, exterior improvements resolve maintenance issues and improve a property’s value. Here are a few ways Krumm Exteriors helps homeowners improve their properties.

Roof Replacement in St. Paul

Roofing products have finite lifespans. That means property owners should expect to replace their home’s roof at some point. Most Twin City area homes have some form of asphalt shingles, which typically have a lifespan of anywhere from 15 to 25 years, depending on the care they receive. If your home’s roof shows signs of wear or damage, now is the time to explore your options for a roof replacement.

Are you in need of a new roof? At Krumm Exteriors featuring KangaRoof, we hop to it! Contact us online or call us today at (715)-246-6090

Roof Repair in St. Paul

If the roof isn’t too old, repairs are often sufficient to prevent an immediate need for a roof replacement. Snow, ice, hail, and wind plague Minnesota roofs, which means repairs are often needed to prevent leaks and minimize the odds of additional damage occurring. Krum Exteriors featuring KangaRoof Roofing services in St. Paul, MN provides quality roof repairs throughout the area.

Roof Maintenance in St. Paul

In addition, a Roofing contractor in St. Paul will also recommend routine maintenance to help your home’s roof last longer. Replacing missing or damaged shingles, resealing flashings, and inspecting for leaks on a regular schedule will prevent damage and save property owners money.

Eventually, maintenance and repairs won’t be enough. When a roof is beyond its useful life, a Roofing contractor in St. Paul will recommend replacing the existing roof with quality roofing materials and installation services. Our experts help homeowners select a roofing material that fits their home’s needs and stays within their budget. We’ll provide an estimate you can trust and complete the job on time.

Quality Gutters St. Paul, MN

Ignoring your home’s gutters is easy, as they’re out of the way and don’t attract much attention until something goes wrong. Damaged or incorrectly installed gutters won’t move the water runoff from the roof away from the home. They may sag, allowing water to cascade over the sides of the gutter, or pull away from the home and allow water to run directly off the roof onto the ground. We recommend Gutter replacement in St. Paul when gutters are too damaged to repair.

If your home’s gutters are older, leaking, or otherwise damaged, now is the time to look into a gutter repair in St. Paul. Our experts will evaluate the existing gutters and recommend repair or replacement options. Of course, if your home doesn’t have gutters, our technicians will explain why they’re crucial for Minnesota homes.

Siding Installation and Repair in St. Paul

A home’s siding is constantly exposed to the elements, which means the sun, rain, and snow eventually take their toll. Weathered siding destroys the aesthetic appeal of the home and loses its ability to protect the structure from water damage. Ask about the many new siding options that enhance the look of your home, reduce energy costs, and boost the home’s value. If the siding is repairable, Siding repair in St. Paul is also available.

Upgraded Windows Provide Value for St. Your Paul Home

Older single-pane windows won’t keep the cold winter weather or summer heat out of your home. Older multi-pane windows fail eventually, and the only recommended solution for those unattractive cloudy windows is to replace them. We’ll take the time to go over the best window replacement options currently available.

Krum Exteriors: Your Top Choice for Exterior Repairs and Upgrades in St. Paul

As a family-owned business, we have a passion for ensuring every customer is satisfied with the services and materials we provide. Our team of construction experts is here to serve you today, and you can be assured we’ll be here in the future when you need us.

Contact us online or call us today for your roofing or any home exterior needs! 

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