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Roofing & Siding Services in Hudson, Wisconsin

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A person’s home is an investment in their future. They live in the house while building equity that will benefit them. To protect this investment, the individual must care for the home, and Krumm Exteriors KangaRoof is available to help them with this task, we hop to it! What services do we offer for homeowners in and around Hudson, WI?

Krumm Exterior KangaRoof Roofing Services in Hudson, WI

A home’s roof has many vital functions. It protects the home and its contents from the elements. It also increases the energy efficiency of the residence and provides the occupants with a comfortable atmosphere. 

When the roof is failing, call for a roof repair or roof replacement in Hudson. Krumm Exteriors KangaRoof roofing services in Hudson, WI protect the integrity of the roof and ensure it does its job. 

Clients turn to us because they know we don’t just handle roof replacement in Hudson. We provide peace of mind. Whether a customer needs ice dam removal in Hudson or requires gutter repair in Hudson, we will dispatch a roofing contractor to help. 

For more information on our roofing or siding services in Hudson, contact us online or give us a call at (715) 246-6090

Whether it is roof repair in Hudson or roof replacement, all of our Krumm Exteriors KangaRoof roofing services come with a ten-year workmanship guarantee. We believe in the work every company-trained roofing contractor does, so we are confident customers will rarely need this guarantee, which they appreciate.

Clients love that the roofing warranty covers materials along with workmanship. We are proud to serve as a preferred Owens Corning and certified contractor with GAF. This allows us to provide clients with extended service plans, so they have peace of mind knowing their roof remains protected. 

When completing an ice dam removal in Hudson, our contractors examine the gutters on the home to see if they require gutter repair in Hudson. Many things can lead to the need for this repair, and our technicians will address any situation quickly and competently. 

If a gutter repair won’t suffice, the technician will recommend a gutter replacement in Hudson. Don’t worry. Our contractors handle gutter replacements and will do the job right the first time. In addition, we offer a No Clog warranty. Ask the technician to explain in detail what this warranty covers. 

Exterior Siding Services

Much like the roof on a home, exterior siding functions to protect the home and its contents from the elements. When a problem arises with the siding, call Krumm Exteriors for professional siding repair in Hudson. 

Siding repair may involve nothing more than repairing a small hole or it might be a major siding replacement job in Hudson. This depends on the extent of the damage and the condition of the siding. 

Don’t worry. The technicians handling siding installation in Hudson only recommend this step when it is necessary. The customer’s best interests always come first, whether we are tackling a siding replacement, doing a window repair in Hudson, or completing a roof repair in the area. 

As with our roofing services, our siding installation comes with a ten-year workmanship guarantee. In fact, for workmanship and materials, our seamless siding warranty is among the best in the industry. 

Window Services

Windows let natural light enter a home. However, any gaps in these windows allow pollutants to enter the home, which negatively affects the air quality. 

With window replacement in Hudson, a homeowner can improve the air quality in the home and lay this concern to rest. However, this is only one benefit that comes with window replacement. There are many others. 

New windows add to the value of the home while increasing its curb appeal. They increase the energy efficiency of the residence and boost the security of the occupants. At times, the windows don’t need replacement. We will never sell you something you won’t need.  Our team works with any kind of window present in the home. This includes bay windows, casement windows, Energy Star windows, wood windows, and more.

 It’s frustrating to have to work with multiple contractors when you need replacement windows, so we help clients with that. Krumm Exteriors is the only company a person needs to call for work on the exterior of the home.

We know how important a home is to its owner. We treat every house we visit as if it is our own. Clients know they can count on us to be professional and respectful. 

Contact us online or call us today for your exterior household needs. We are ready to help in any way we can. 

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