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A better roof starts with choosing a more qualified roofing company.
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Every moment you delay that much-needed repair to your roof is like rolling the dice. You’re gambling with further damage that gets more and more expensive as time passes.

Whether you have an emergency situation, you are selling your home, or you haven’t had your roof inspected for a few years, you need a little more than just a hammer and a few shingles. You need a qualified roofing company that “gets it.”

At Krumm Exteriors KangaRoof, we’re fully equipped and qualified to perform roof repairs and exceed your expectations. We understand that what you have isn’t just a roof, it’s a roofing system; one that’s interconnected with your attic, chimney, vents and gutters. It takes skill and experience, vision and common sense.

What Will It Cost?

At Krumm Exteriors KangaRoof, we also understand that unforeseen roof repairs or a replacement can really hit your household budget. We have to have a look at your particular situation in order to give you a fair estimate.

Once at work, your roof will be treated to our certified workmanship, using warrantied materials. All of KangaRoof’s workmanship is GUARANTEED. We care for your property as though it’s our own. 

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