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Roofing FAQ’s From Krumm Exteriors

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We are happy to give you all the warranty details during the consultation. Warranties will vary in length depending on the specific roofing products you select.

The two main options we have are metal roofing and asphalt roofing.

Of the two, metal is a better choice but is also more expensive. Asphalt roofing is a very solid choice at a reasonable price.

Understand that no matter what type of roof you choose, we are extremely careful to only use high quality, proven materials on your roof.

We can tell you who will NOT be working on your roof: temporary day laborers that we picked up in a home improvement store parking lot that morning. Our crews are experienced and everyone is fully trained and capable in their role.

Our onsite supervisors personally supervise each job – and is almost always at the job site every single day. If they find ANYTHING below their exacting standards, they call a stop to the job and make them correct it immediately. 

Yes. In fact, that is why calling us for a roof consultation is a good idea. Some companies will try and sell you a roof replacement when a repair is the more appropriate choice. We recommend what we think is best for your roof – nothing more, nothing less – and then let you decide.

Sometimes a roof is repairable but is on the verge of needing replaced. In that case, we will quote you both options and let you decide what is best for your circumstances.

Usually what is behind this question is a fear that a salesperson will camp out on your couch trying to pressure you into signing a contract. We are not like that at all. In fact, we hate high pressure sales tactics, too. We educate, give you a firm quote, and then step back and let you decide.

To make sure our quote is accurate, we do need to take some time to carefully inspect your roof. But we promise to make the overall process simple and pressure free.

Read the Krumm Exteriors Contractors Standards Guide. We pack this guide full of specifics and objective standards you can use to judge any contractor. And we also provide proof in the guide that we meet our own high standards.

When people ask this question, what they usually mean is: “Am I going to have a salesperson camped out on my couch using every sales trick in the book until I agree to the project?” The answer with us is Absolutely NOT. In our opinion, high pressure sales, bait and switch tactics and all the rest of it has no place in the home improvement industry. We know some still do this, but we would rather educate you on your choices, give you a firm quote, and then step back and let you decide.

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