Stay Safe from Fire with High-Quality Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is popular with homeowners because of its high durability and moderate price. Metal roofs installed by an experienced Wisconsin roofing contractor can endure winds of 110 miles per hour, last for 50 years without signs of cracks or leaks, and resist damage from fire.

In addition to clearing out gutters to prevent the collection of dry vegetation and cleaning up dry mulch, twigs, grass, leaves, and tree limbs within 30 feet of the house, homeowners should consider hiring a roofing contractor to replace their wooden or tile roof with metal roofing. Wooden roofs are common, but they are unable to shield homes from fire, resulting in high insurance premiums for homeowners. Tile roofs defend against fire, but they present a cave-in risk during interior fires. Light-weight metal roofing, however, resists ignition and eliminates the danger of a roof collapse.

Metal roofs undergo several tests to assess their level of resistance to fire:

– UL 790
– ASTM E108
– FM 4470

Homeowners who live in areas prone to experience wildfires may not have risks of fire damage on their minds, but electrical fires and kitchen fires can occur regardless of location. Once a fire ignites in a home, the whole neighborhood is susceptible to the flames carried by large gusts of wind, and a house’s roofing material may be what keeps it from igniting. According to fire authorities, the best ways to protect your home from fire are to clean up dry vegetation nearby and hire a roofing contractor to install a metal roof.

One of the primary lines of defense against a house fire is the material composition of your roof. Switching to metal roofing will make your home significantly more fire resistant, so consider contacting Krumm Exteriors, a trusted Wisconsin roofing contractor, to discuss your metal roofing options.