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Metal roofing is often chosen by Stanton homeowners because it is durable, long-lasting, and energy efficient. If you are considering metal roofing for your home, preparing for your installation is important. Proper preparation will shorten the installation time and decrease the stress that you and your roofing contractor may experience.

What to Do . . .

  • Before Your Metal Roof Installation – Begin by selecting a reputable roofing contractor that is known for high-quality workmanship and professional business dealings. When you find a contractor that you trust, schedule a consultation. Consider questions that you may want to ask your contractor. They can involve the installation process, roofing materials, paperwork, or other relevant topics. During your scheduled consultation, your contractor will examine various areas of your roof, including penetration points, gutters, flashing zones, the surrounding landscape, probable problem areas, and areas you’ve experienced problems with in the past. After your consultation, you can work with your contractor to choose a metal roof that fits your needs and preferences. Before the day of your roof installation, be sure to clean up your property, clear your driveway and sidewalks, and cover the plants near your home with a tarp. Additionally, make sure to schedule the roof installation for a day and time that you can remain home.
  • During Your Metal Roof Installation – On the day of your metal roof installation, your roofing contractor will be able to answer any of your remaining questions and clarify the installation process. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of noise and the number of workers on your property during the installation, and make sure to keep your children and pets away from the work area. Expect your lawn and driveway to become messy and dusty. The dirt and debris may not be cleared until installation is finished.
  • After Your Metal Roof Installation – Once the roof installation is complete, the lawn will be cleared, and nails, rivets, and other small metal objects will be picked up with a magnet. Other debris, such as torn or unused materials, will also be picked up, and lawn items that were moved will be put back. Your contractor will walk you through your home, ensuring that the installation was successful, that you know what to expect from your new metal roof, and that you are fully satisfied. Finally, your contractor will provide you with instructions for roof maintenance, the workmanship warranty, a referral form, the manufacturer’s warranty, a photo release form, and guidelines for walking on the roof.

If you’re considering the purchase of a metal roof for your Stanton home, consider hiring a roofing contractor from Krumm Exteriors, Inc., an experienced roofing company.

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