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The best way to prepare your Afton home for inclement weather in the cooler months is to maintain and repair it before snow starts to fall. Hiring a roofing contractor to perform roofing repairs will allow your roof to withstand the accumulation of snow and ice without exacerbating existing roof damage. Checking your roof for cracks, missing or broken shingles, leaks, dents, and holes periodically will help you assess the condition of your roof and determine if it requires repairs. Homeowners are advised to examine the condition of their roofs, gutters, skylights, and attics before and after the winter months.

Roof Damage

Snow accumulation is a great burden on roofs because of its weight. Prolonged periods of heavy snow accumulation can weaken your roof significantly. Additionally, the melting and freezing of snow and ice allow moisture to seep into the roof shingles, a process which ages the shingles prematurely. Ice dams are another severe problem for homeowners in cold climates because they disrupt the ability for roofs to drain water. The water collects, permeates roof shingles, and causes leaks that can damage the inside of your home, so hiring a roofing contractor for ice dam removal services is recommended. In extreme cases, roofs can collapse as a result of heavy snowfall, ice formation, and strong winds.

Gutter Damage

Ice dams can impact your home’s gutters, and the gutters may sag or completely fall off if they cannot withstand the weight of the ice. Homeowners should clear out the leaves and debris in their gutters so the snow and ice can drain properly. Icicles often occur with ice dams, and they can also damage your gutters. Icicle formation can be prevented by hiring a roofing contractor to repair air leaks and install better insulation.

Skylight and Attic Damage

When skylights become covered in snow and ice, condensation tends to form, resulting in water damage. Similarly, condensation may harm your attic as moisture becomes trapped underneath ice dams. Excessive moisture in your attic can cause mold to develop and wood to rot. Ventilation can be improved in the attic by making sure your plumbing and appliances are functioning properly and the insulation of your attic floor doesn’t have any leaks that could let in moist air.

Many Afton homeowners dread doing the work required to make sure their roof is in good shape during the winter, but all of the hard work will pay off in the form of your roof’s increased longevity and a decrease in roofing repair costs. Contact Krumm Exteriors, Inc., a trusted roofing contractor, if you’re concerned about your roof’s condition and structural integrity.