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To keep gutters in good condition, Georgetown homeowners should clean and maintain them regularly and schedule repairs with a roofing contractor when a problem occurs. With proper care, gutters can remain functional for 30 years. If your gutters experience complications, discover the sources of the problems quickly because damaged gutters can harm your roof, basement, and foundation.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Gutters?

  • Leaky Gutters – Severe weather and harsh UV rays can cause gutters to crack. This cracking allows water to leak through the gutters. To determine if cracking is the source of your problem, unclog debris from the gutters, and run water through them. If water is still leaking, then your gutters have cracks. Your roofing contractor can apply a silicone sealant to repair these cracks.
  • Loose or Missing Gutters – Stormy weather can loosen the gutters on your home, and they may fall off as a result. Loose or missing gutters create a real problem because they increase the vulnerability of your home’s windows, siding, and roof. The vegetation surrounding your home may also be harmed by the overflow of water pouring out of the damaged gutters. Loose or missing gutters can either be reattached or replaced.
  • Clogged Gutters – Your gutters are bound to collect dirt, leaves, and debris, especially after a heavy storm. When the gutters are clogged, water flows over the edges and may leak into your home’s foundation. Your roofing contractor may find the source of clogged gutters to be the falling of leaves, the formation of ice dams, or the growth of mold and algae. To clean the clogged gutters, remove the debris in dry weather, and then run water throughout the gutter system to make sure that the clogging problem is resolved. Cleaning your gutters at least once in the spring is recommended, but if you live in a wooded area, consider cleaning them more often.

If you take care of your gutters, they’ll take care of your Georgetown home, so don’t put your gutter cleaning and maintenance off for too long. If you experience any problems with your gutters, reach out to experts at Krumm Exteriors, Inc., a reputable roofing contractor.

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